Grey, White & Black


(UL CLASSIFIED Anti-Fungal Acrylic Duct Sealant)

CHEMXSEAL 32-17 is meant for sealing transverse and longitudinal joints of site fabricated ducts and for factory fabricated ducts as well if required as per tender specification, for conducting smoke test, Terminal assembly for HEPA filters and sealing of consecutive panels of double skin Air Management solution products. Highly useful for sealing filter by pass assembly, may be for Pre Fine to offset the possible entry of Micro Organism, which find easy access to enjoy the inside comfort condition developed by human beings for their own comfort.


CHEMXSEAL 32-17 is fire retardant, Aqua based, vapor barrier sealant.


  • Fire retardant
  • Flexible and tough sealant/adhesive
  • Excellent adhesion with GI/AI/FRP ducts/panels. And exhibit excellent strength
  • Highly elastic in nature.
  • Does not contain Asbestos, Lead, Mercury, or Mercury Compounds.
  • Highly resistant to molds, and mildew
  • No aging effect even if exposed to UV rays
  • Resistant to oil, grease and mildly resistant to diluted acids alkalis
  • Suitable for all zone of India.


  • Colour                                    :               White/Grey

  • Specific Gravity                    :               1.6±1
  • Temperature Range             :               -10C to 120C
  • Flash Point                            :               Non Flammable
  • Water Resistance                 :               Excellent
  • UV Resistance                      :               Excellent
  • Chemical Resistance          :               Excellent

    Method of Application

    • CHEMICAL 32-17 should be applied to clean dry oil-free surface, by power extrusion or trowel uniformly to form a 2 wide coat over the joint @ 2 to 2.2 gallon/100 sqft. Total coverage is 40-45 sqft/gallon.
    • Allow the completed joints to dry for at least 24 hour above 25°C before pressure testing of ducts.
    • The drying time depends upon the temperature and humidity prevailing at a particular area / location.


    • Clean with warm water and soap when wet. Mineral spirits when dry