20 Ltr air tight Plastic pail


(No VOC, Aqua Based Water Resistant Adhesive)

ENIBOND A-36 (Water based)

Water Based Adhesive. Ideal for Open (Glass Wool), Partial (Thermo-Cole & Puff), Cross Linked (Polyethylene) & Closed Cell (Elastomeric) Insulation for under & Over deck.


Paramount Polytreat ENIBOND A-36 is water based, environmental friendly special adhesive formulated from selective acrylic co-polymers reinforced with Special rosins to increase the tackiness. It is a non-flammable adhesive.


  • Excellent tack which ensures good adhesion between the insulation and the concrete surface.

  • Non-flammable and non-hazardous (solvent free).

  • Heat resistant up to 100°C.

  • No shrinkage after hardening.

  • Resistant to mechanical and thermal stresses.


  • Colour                               :               Creamy

  • Odour                                :               Very Light
  • Specific                             :               1.3 ± 1%
  • VOC Content                    :               42g/liter
  • Temperature Range        :               -18C to + 70C
  • Open Time                        :               25 to 30 Minutes

    Method of Application

    • The over deck surface should be free from loose dirt grease and any other contaminants dry leveled, smooth to ensure proper adhesion Similarly will be the case for the under deck surface as applicable.
    • Any form of under floor heating should be switched off throughout the application and fora  period of 48 hours prior and after application.
    • Stir its contents well before use to have homogeneous material before use.
    • Apply adhesives thinly and rapidly with brush or roller on the concrete surface and the insulation material and ensure complete and effective coverage Wait for 10 25 minutes to allow the adhesive to become dry and tacky to touch.
    • Place the insulation sheet on the concrete surface and press down firmly over the entire surface paying particular attention to the edges and corners.
    • Any excess wet adhesive on the surface of the concrete/tiles should be cleaned off using a damp cloth.
    • Clean all the tools with Toluene/other aromatic solvent.