20 Litter metal Pail.


(Ducting/Chilled water pipes and pipe fittings, valves and cold storages)

Introduction ENIFIX BA-60® Cold Applied Bituminous Adhesive in liquid form For Open (Glass Wool) And Partial Cell (Thermocole & Puf). Ideal For Adhesion Of Duct / Chilled Water Pipe Run And Cold Storages External Walls, Common Floors And Ceilings against hard industrial bitumen grade 85/25 available in solid-state packed in drums

Description ENIFIX BA-60 is oxidized, cold applied, quick setting, low-cost bituminous Adhesive.


  • Good adhesion.
  • Non-toxic 
  • Alkali resistance
  • Very good Cohesion 
  • Antifungal & antibacterial 
  • For all zones of India

Precautions and Limitations

  • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is supplied on request 

Specific Technical Data Sheet

  • Color  : Black
  • Odour   : Mild
  • Specific Gravity :1
  • Temperature Range : 20 to 80°C
  • Open Time  : 15 to 20 Minutes
Product Name: ENIFIX BA60

All expanded polystyrene/polyurethane insulation shall be applied with BA60 adhesive. The Adhesive shall be applied to the ductwork and pipe at a maximum coverage of 43.04 square feet per Liter, and full coverage shall be given to the metal. 


Method of Application

  • Clean both the surfaces of dirt, grease & oil. 
  • Apply ENIFIX BA60 by brush on both the mating surfaces and wait for 15-20 minutes for the Bituminous adhesive to develop full tack. Press both the surfaces firmly to ensure complete and firm contact. 
  • In the case of conventional cold storages, the Polyethylene vapor barrier is applied on the walls, ceilings with cold-applied ENIFIX BA-60 followed by fixing of insulation by means of GI battens. 
  • In case the thickness of insulation is more than 50 mm, the insulation is to be applied in a double layer and in staggered joints. All the joints should be sealed properly with ENIFIX BA-60.
  • For the insulations requiring vapor barrier, it is understood that an overlap of around 5080 mm is to be provided and sealed with ENIFIX BA60
  • Clean brush and equipment with warm soapy water while wet or with mineral spirits (flammable) if dry


  • Depending upon the surface, its evenness, and absorbency, one liter will cover 3.5 to 4m2/ltr. 
Storage of Adhesives
  • We recommend that the Adhesive container should not be exposed to direct sunlight