50 Ltr & 212 Ltr


(Low Foam Degreaser)

ENIKLIN-LF is a high performance and low foam alkaline cleaner/degreasing product designed to help remove grease, oil, tire marks, and heavy soil from concrete and other hard washable surfaces. ENIKLIN-LF cleans ferrous and non-ferrous metals very effectively and provides corrosion temporary protection after cleaning.


  • Biodegradable Low Foam
  •  Rust inhibitive
  •  Alkaline PH
  • Non-hazardous
  •  Non-Flammable 
  • Non-Toxi Low cost
  • Can be used Jet Washing & Pressure

Method of Application

Being water base product ENIKLIN-LF is diluted with water in the proportion of 2-5% depending on deposition of contamination. After making the desired solution, maintain the temperature 55°-60° C. The dilution factor can be increased up to 5% for difficult cleaning. The solution can be used the parts till it gives the satisfactory result.