50 Ltr & 212 Ltr


(Oil & Grease Cleaner)

ENIKLIN is a special liquid, inhibited, water based, pre-soaked alkaline cleaner for frictionless cleaning system. ENIKLIN is specially designed to clean effectively oil and grease from ferrous, Non-ferrrous component and surfaces. Its quick action make loosens, and helps to remove oil, grease film and grime, ENIKLIN is also used for many other industrial cleaning like grease remover, spot remover, Aluminium cleaner and all-purpose pressure washing detergent etc.


  • Water Soluble • Safe on metals
  • Emulsify Oil & grease • Eco Friendly
  • Economical – low end, use easily cost
  • Non-Flammable
  • Rust Inhibitive • Long tank life
  • Operator friendly Biodegradable/non – hazardous
  • Easy disposal/ treatment

Method of Application

Being water base product ENIKLIN is diluted with water in the proportion of 2-5% depending on deposition of contamination.

After making the desired solution, maintain the temperature 55°-60° C. The dilution factor can be increased up to 5% for difficult cleaning . The solution can be used the parts till it gives the satisfactory result.