20 KG


(Anti Corrosive Clear Coating)

ENIROOF PUF 103 is cross linked urethane based acrylic resin translucent gloss finish coating, which give excellent abrasion and heat resistant protection against most challenging weather & condition, with very good film forming nature. ENIROOF PUF-103 is air drying and quick setting formula to use in industrial application.


As anti-corrosive coating for metal and its articles


  • Special Features

    • Very good protection against Sox Nox 
    •  Excellent heat resistance
    • Very good abrasion resistance 
    •  Non-yellowing with age
    •  Good Film forming nature
    •  Quick dry in normal ambient temperature 
    •  Excellent adhesion to most of metal Excellent water, alkali and salt resistance.
    • Mixing : Eniroof Puf-103 is ready to use


Method of Application

Cleaning  :  Clean  entire  surface  by  choosing  any  chemical  method     to remove oil, grease, wax, and others contamination. Most recommended method is POLYKLIN PLUS

Surface conditioning: The surface should be dry and moisture free before the application of ENIROOF PUF-103.

Brush: Use soft and short haired Bristol and apply evenly on desired surface.

Spray: Use pot spray with 35-45 psi air pressure gun. Coverage: 180 to 220 Sq. ft/kg Touch Dry: 15 -20 minute Hard Dry: 24 hours.