20 & 25 kg air tight Plastic Pail


(Buried pipe Line Insulation Protective Coating)

PARACOAT-BPC Buried pipe Line Insulation Protective Coating (For Open, Partial & Closed Cell Insulation) PARACOAT BPC – An Aqueous Solution To Be Applied / Spread Direct Over Insulation In Conjunction With A Single Layer Of Fire Proof Woven Fiber Glass Cloth Against Cumbersome Conventional Process for underground insulation coating Involving Vapor Barrier, Chicken Wire Mesh Cement Plastering, Tar Felt And Sealing the joints With 85/25 Hot Bitumen. Applicable for Open Cell (Glass Wool), Partial Cell (Thermocol / Puf), Cross-Linked (Polyethylene) & Closed Cell (Elastomeric). It can be ideally used for Underground piping Chilled Water, Bare Condense Water Piping & Bare Fire Fighting System Piping
PARAMOUNT POLYTREAT PARACOAT -BPC is a water-based tough durable vapor barrier coating over the insulation material for the underground piping application.


  • Comparative Very Low Water Vapor Permeability.
  • Excellent bonding to most of the insulation material.
  • Low water vapor permeance.
  • Chemical and Alkali resistant.
  • Corrosion resistant.
  • Suitable for All Zones Of India
  • No Effect Of Chloride, Sodium, Potassium And Salts Encountered En route Of Soil.

Suggested Specification

  • All buried bare/insulated Pipe finished with non combustible as per IS 11871 Parafab-Glass Fiber Cloth which will shall have laps adhered with paracoat-BPC. Two finish coat of paracoat-BPC shall be applied to the entire outer surface of the Paratab-Glass Fiber Cloth at coverage not less than 1 kg per 16.14 sq.ft (1.5/m2/ three coat). The coverage of reinforced material (Parafab-Glass Fiber Cloth) shall be not less than 100 sq. ft/90 sq ft.(1m2/.9 m2) surface area.


  • Color                                                   :         Black
  • Viscosity                                            :         40000 to 60000 cps
  • Temperature Range                         :         20°C to 120°C
  • Water Vapor Permeance                 :         Less than 0.015
  • Water and Chemical Resistance    :         Excellent
  • Elongation                                          :        >1000% ASTMD522-93A
  • Specific Gravity                                 :         1 to 1.08
  •  Softening Point                                :         Up to 120*C. (If exposed to                                                                               direct sunlight)
  • Bonding Strength                              :         3.3kg. per Sqm

Method of Application

  • The insulation surface should be cleaned thoroughly.
  • Stir its contents well before use to have homogeneous material before use.
  • Apply a tack coat of PARACOAT-BPC with fully dipped brush and spread out evenly over the insulated surface . Immediately wrap the Glass cloth smoothly on the wet coating Care should be taken that the cloth is applied in tightened and straightened position without any wrinkles and overlap seams by at least 50 mm, so that no air
  • pockets are formed. Allow the surface to dry completely.
  • Apply two finish coats of the PARACOAT-8PC. It is very important that the first coat of PARACOAT –BPC is dried before the second coat is applied. Allow the second coat to cure (dry) for minimum 24 hours at ambient conditions.
  • Keep the container closed when not in use. Clean the brush immediately with clean water after use.
  • The wet coverage of PARACOAT -BPC 5 m2/kg. 
  • We recommend that the Adhesive container should not be exposed to direct sun light
Precautions and Limitations
  • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is supplied on request.
  • Specific Technical Data Sheet