50 Ltr & 212 Ltr


(Degreaser Cum Rust Preventive)

PARAMOUNT –DRP is a alkaline degreaser formulated for the removals of oil & grease of mild steel, cast iron without making blackening or white spot on the surface. It is very effective cleaner/ degreaser . It is provided a temporary corrosion protection film on the metal surface. Provide short-term corrosion protection to prevent flash rust on parts.


  • Biodegradable
  •  Non-Toxic Non Flammable
  •  Rust Inhibitor
  • Alkaline PH Use with ultrasonic , Spray wash, immersion etc.
  • Excellent Cleaner

Method of Application

PARAMOUNT-DRP is supplied in liquid form. Use the product with water 3-5% concentration by weight, base on contamination, at an operation temperature range of 55°-60° Celsius. PARAMOUNT-DRP is a fast acting cleaner designed to meet a broad range of cleaning efficiency requirement. Hand wife, solution spray, mechanical, or ultrasonic agitation is used to enhance the cleaning action. Parts can be wiped with a damp rag or rinsed off with warm water . Use filtered hot air to dry out the parts.