50 Ltr & 200 Ltr


(Descalant Cleaning)

POLYGARD is scientifically blended non-fuming combination of scale conditioning for effective, rapid removal of water scale deposits, slime and algae in the heat transfer equipment’s, condensers, steam & hot water boilers, cooling tower and pipelines. POLYGARD is compounded from very active chemical ingredients & sequestering agents. POLYGARD dissolves most of the water scale, basically calcium or magnesium carbonates, sulphates & Iron oxides & insoluble deposits are loosened. POLYGARD clean the entire system throughout, safely & thoroughly.


  • Restores system to maximum level of energy
  • Non-corrosive to metals, wood & even on painted
  • Does not produce dangerous volatile/corrosive acids suc as Hydrochloric, sulphuric or
  • Readily miscible with