50 Ltr & 200 Ltr


(Strong Coil Cleaners)

POWERKLIN is highly concentrated coil cleaner. It effectively clean and brightens the substrate. POWERKLIN a blend of surface-active agents, solvents and cleaners, formulated specifically for cleaning of aluminum & other metals. Cleaning agents foam out dirt and grime from the most inaccessible spots and easily washed away with water  leaving  a  clean and brighter substrate.


  • Excellent Cleaner
  •  Brightening of coil Fins
  •  No Fumes
  •  No metal Loss
  • For Fins cleaning it improve the air velocity

Method of Application

Being water base product POWERKLIN is diluted with DM/SOFT water in the proportion of 3 TO 7% depending on contamination and can be dip/ Spray in the normal room temperature solution. The solution can be maintained further by PH testing method.