30 liter Metal Pail.


(Water & Heat Resistance CR Based Duct Liner Adhesive)

STARGLUE 8I-10 is inflammable, one component adhesive based on Poly- chloroprene with special tackifier and additives. It is specially developed for porous and non pores substrate in humid and hot climatic conditions. It has very good water and alkali resistance.
STARGLUE 81-10 can be used in application where fibrous glass and other type of insulation are bonded to the interior or exterior of metal duct system.


STARGLUE R-242 is a Low VOC Adhesive in their segment.
  • The bond created between insulation and jacketing/substrate is strong, which helps prevent delamination to provide longer service life.
  • May be used to seal or butter cut edges of duct liner insulation to retard fiber release. It can be applied to edges by brush only.
  • High production rates and excellent coverage.
  •  Meets the requirements of fire protection rating agencies.
  • Very Economical.


  • Base                            :             Poly Chloroprene
  • No of component      :            One
  • Color                            :            Gem/Tamperent Yellow and Amber Red
  • Consistency               :             Flow able liquid 
  • Sold                             :             18%
  • Viscosity                     :            13000-15000 cps (brook-field)
  •  Density                       :            82 +- 0.02
  • Service Temp             :            -20C to MC 20°C
  • Flash Point                 :             22 C
  • Water Resistance      :            Excellent 
  • Chemical resistance :            Good
  • Solubility                     :            Xylene

Method of Application

Apply STARGLUE 81-10 with brush roller or pressure feeding equipment an evenly on both surfaces, wait until solvent fully evaporated. After the evaporation of solvent in adhesive, assemble the surface by applying normal hand pressure.
In case of fibrous wool apply 
 evenly by brush or any suitable equipment over the Gl sheet and wait for 5-10 minutes before bonding the glass wool.

The surface should be clean, dry and free from oil, grease and loose particles.


5-20 minutes depending upon applied film thickness and substrate.

The wet coverage of STARGLUE 81-10 is 5 to 9 m2/kg subjected to type of surface and nature of material being bonded. To get proper coverage, please always keep close the container’s spout to prevent the solvent evaporation.

Suggested Specification:

All fibrous glass insulation shall be applied with 81-10 adhesive. The Adhesive shall be applied to the duct work at a maximum coverage of 86.08 square feet per Liter, and full coverage shall be given to the metal