5  Kg. Plastic Pails


STARBOND 30-36 SUPER is water based UV barrier coating. It forms tough, flexible and opaque dry film on the plain laminated tubes


(Fire Retardant, UV protective Coating. Plain & laminated tubes for cross linked & closed cell insulation)

STARROND 30-J6 SUPER provides complete safe guard against deterioration of exposed refrigerant piping on account of uv ray. Applicable for cross linked (polyethylene) &closed cell (elastomeric – nitrile rubber). It can by ideally used for liquid and suction line for split /ductable / vrf. Because of the menace of rodents it can be used for the balance liquid and suction lines running inside the building. Applicable for all zones ol india, but the thickness of the insulation tubing shall be as per manufactures standards. In some of the cases where space in the constraints, the product can be med for SA & RA Duct Insulations as well. The installation practices should be followed an outlined in the introduction of starbond 30-36.

STARBOND 30-36 SUPER an also be used for the decoration purpose of in-conditioned duct where the coating shall be applied directly on the metal surface

Specific Technical Data Sheet

  • Color                                         :           Milky White
  • Viscosity @ 30°C                    :           65000 to 75000 cps
  • Specific Gravity                       :           1.4
  • Bonding Time                          :           30 minute (at 30 C DBT 60% RH)
  • Temperature Range                :           -25″ to 112 “C
  • VOC Content (gram/liter)      :            0.05
  • Water Permeance                   :          0.018 perms
  • UV Resistance                         :          Excellent
  • Fungi Resistance                    :          Excellent
Drying Time 
  • Touch dry          :            2 hours
  • Hard dry            :           16 hours

Suggested Specification:

All outdoor liquid and suction lines insulation finished/covered with a protective coating as per BS 476 Part-7, Class ‘1’starbond 30-36 Super. A finish coat of Starbond 30-36 Super shall be applied to the entire outer surface at coverage not less than 1 kg./53.8 sq. ft. (5/m2/two coats)

Precautions And Limitations

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is supplied on request

Method of Application

  • No Special Tools, Brush Able Application.
  • No Special Enclosures For Outside Liquid And Suction Lines.
  • Excellent adhesion both on the plain and laminated insulation tubings.
  • Easy And Quick Application For Space Constraint Between The Refrigerant Lines.
  • No Benzene content, Non-Toxic and non-flammable.
  • Mechanical Impact and Scratch Resistant.
  • Anti Fungal/Anti Bacteria.
  • Anti Rodents And birds Won’t Pench On It. 
  • High-temperature resistance.
  • Waterproof and washable.
  • Method of Application.
  • Clean the Insulation tubing surface thoroughly.
  • Apply the last court of STARBOND 30-36 SUPER with a brush.
  • After applying the first coat, wait till the coat is dry.
  • It is very important to ensure that each coat of STARBOND 30-36 SUPER is totally dried before the net coat is applied.
  •   Apply two more succeeding coats.
    Clean all the tools radiately with clean water.
  • Coverage

            On average 8 to 10 Miter sq./kg.

  • Storage

            We recommend that the container should not be exposed to direct sunlight.