25 Kg air tight Plastic pail


(Thermal Insulation Fire Retardant Protective Coating)

STARBOND 30-36 an aqueous solution is applied in conjunction with woven fiber Glass cloth spreading on the outer surface of insulated GI/Al, ducting, chilled water piping, so as to provide sealing against air and moisture mechanical impact and resistance to scratches for Indoor application, It is invariably, a must on SA ducting in the space above false ceiling through which return air is being drawn and non-conditioned spaces, chilled water piping, etc in conjunction with a layer of woven fiberglass cloth It acts as cladding to the insulation material against environmentally hazardous like dust rain, moisture acid vapors, mechanical impacts, Chemicals, and Alkalies, etc for outdoor application In both the indoor and outdoor application the surface should invariably be finished in two layers of STARBOND 30-36 over the insulation wrapped with woven fiberglass cloth Invariably an excellent water vapor barrier with low water vapor permeance. This system is applicable for all types of insulation materials The product is classified as Class 1 in respect of Surface Spread of Flame as per BS 476 Part 7.


  • A tough but resilient coating, Good adhesion and high strength, wont shrink and crack during the repeated cycle of high and low temperature.

  • UV Fungal resistant, Anti- Rodents and Birds won’t perch on it

  • No complex management for arranging ancillaries as in case of GI/AL ducting/ Plaster.

  • Economical and easy to apply, no specials tools required since the product has excellent brushing characteristics.

  • VOC content 0.10 g/ltr and can be un-hesitantly used for areas with low ventilation such as service shalts. No Benzene contents thus non toxic

  • Due to very low VOC it comes in safe and green eco-friendly products as per the minimum requirement of IGBC & USGBC

  • Try Always use with non-combustible reinforcement as per the National Building Code.

  •  99.99% terminate the probability of air erosion of the fiber.

  • Provide 99.99% sealing against air & moisture. 

  • The finished/top surface of the coating material shall be non-combustible as per updated NBC code – 2016.

  • STARBOND 30-36 WP provides restricts the carcinogenic particles into the ambience

Suggested Specification:

  • All indoor insulation finished with non combustible as per IS 11871 Parafab-Glass Fiber Cloth shall have their laps adhered with protective coating tested as per BS 476 Part-7 Class-1 starbond 30-36. Two finish coat of protective coating starbond 30-36 shall be applied to the entire outer surface of the Parafab-Glass Fiber Cloth at coverage not less than 1 kg. per 16.14 sq ft. (1.5/m2/three coat). The coverage of reinforced material (Parafab-Glass Fiber Cloth) shall be not less than 100 sq.ft./90 sq ft. (1m2/.9m2) surface area.

Method of Application

  • The insulation surface should be cleaned thoroughly.
  • Stir its contents well before use to have homogeneous material before use.
  • Apply a tack coat with fully dipped brush and spread out evenly over the insulated surface.
  • Immediately wrap the Glass cloth smoothly on the wet coating Care should be taken such that the cloth is applied in tightened and straightened position without any wrinkles.
  • Overlap the seams by at least 50 mm, so that no air pockets are formed.
  • Allow the surface to dry completely.
  • Apply two finish coats It is very important that the first coat is dried completely before the second coat is applied. Allow the second coat to cure (dry) for minimum 24 hours at ambient temperature -30 C apx.
  • Keep the container closed when not in use.
  • In case of special aesthetic appearance, matching architectural requirement, the last two finish coats, one with plain roller followed by laminated surface rollers  fully dipped in both the cases.
  • Coverage

            On an average 1.5 m2/Kg/coats (with three coat)

  • Storage & Shelf Life

        Store under cover protect from direct sunlight Shelf life is up to 12                      months for unopened container, when stored as directed

Specific Technical Data Sheet

Color                                        :           Milky White

Viscosity @ 30°C                   :           65000 to 75000 cps

Specific Gravity                       :           1.4

Bonding Time                          :           30 minute (at 30°C DBT 60% RH )

Drying Time                             :           Touch dry 2 hours, Hard dry 16 hours

Temperature Range                :           -25 to 112 C

VOC Content (gram/alter)      :           0.05

Water Permeance                    :           0.018 perms As per ASTM E -96

UV Resistance                          :           Excellent

Fungi Resistance                      :           Excellent