2 Hours Fire Rated Ductwork System
 (Tested to BS 476 (Part – 20 & 24)-1987)

2 Hours Fire Rated Ductwork System

STARCOAT CRC Fire Rated Duct Work System is constructed from galvanized sheet steel manufactured to the DW144, HVCA or SMACNA standard, then degreased and sprayed with STARCOAT CRC  coating which is a specially formulated water based compound. This contains selected mineral filters in a low permeability elastomeric binder to a thickness of approximately 700 to 900 micron to give a finished product which has been successfully tested fire conditions in excess of 2 hours duration. Ductwork is produced in sections and is assembled on site utilizing tested class ‘O’ gaskets & sealants (CHEMXSEAL 32-17). 

The unique properties of STARCOAT CRC has enabled us to design a low density, highly durable material which accommodates induced stress arising from extreme and varying conditions e.g. Climatic Moisture and Structural Loading Variations and the effect of a thermal shock during a fire. The complete system has been tested to BS 476 (Part 20 & 24) – 1987and also up to temperature of 1133°C. 

STARCOAT CRC ductwork can either be constructed in flanged lengths of duct, which are then bolted together to make a run of ducting, or in panel form. This construction is especially useful for ducts of large cross-section and can be used on any size of duct up to 25 M x 3 M. 

  • Tested for up to 2 hours Stability, Integrity & Insulation to BS 476 (Part 20 & 24) -1987and for Ventilation Fire Duct, Smoke Duct & Kitchen Extract ductwork. 
  • When insulation rating is required panels shall be insulated at the site. 
  • Total flexibility in the design and construction of the duct. 
  • Can be sent to site “flat packed” ready to bolt up. 

The panels are delivered to site pre-coated on the outside face with STARCOAT CRC and are then bolted together incorporating class ‘O’gasket strip to form the required duct cross-section. 

It can confidently be specified and installed for : 

  • Smoke extract duct 
  • Car park extract duct 
  • Kitchen extract duct
  • Stair pressurization systems duct